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Transactions in the POE currency system
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Wysłany: 2020-03-19, 06:22   Transactions in the POE currency system

In the road of exile, there is no such concept of gold coins, nor will any gold coins fall. When you defeat the monster, as a loot, different types of equipment and POE Trade will be randomly dropped. But different props also have different standards, so the following currencies are popular in poe. First, when trading with technical groceries, it is divided into two types of transactions. The first transaction is binding currency, and the second transaction is unbound currency. The items purchased through binding are bound after the hand, instead of The items purchased by binding the currency are not bound, that is, they can be exchanged with the player.

If you do not have unbound currency and you choose to use unbound props, the system will prompt you to try to use another currency to pay. In addition to purchasing props and equipment from NPCs, we can also sell goods to NPCs. NPCs will give different binding Buy POE Currency according to different goods. When these fragments reach a certain amount, the binding currency can be synthesized.

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